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First, it produces POLYAMIDE adiabatic bars.
The basic method is done through inserting polyamide adiabatic bar to the thermal line of aluminum profile to secure the adiabatic space and cut off the heat conduction of aluminum directly.
The main contents of the management of the production of POLYAMIDE adiabatic bar include a fixed ratio of polyamide compounding related to glass fiber, dehumidification of resources, arrangement of glass fibers of microscopic formation
These details must be managed properly to maintain needed Heat conductivity coefficient and strength..
Dae-Sung imports resources from a trustful compounding company in Italy to secure equal quality, and secures extra facility and professional talents for management of dehumidification and manufacture of extra resources to provide products with the best quality to famous companies in Korea.

  Function    Insulation of Aluminum Profile System
  Material    Nylon (Glass - Fiber Reinforced Polyamide 6.6)
Basic type (I-Shape, C-Shape),
(I-Shape with Stop Pin, C-Shape with gasket holder)
(H-Shape, Y-Shape, Unit-Type)
Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength, N/ min. 110
Elongation at Break , % max. 14
Bending Strength, N/ min. 190
Elastic Module , N/ min. 6000
Impact Strength , KJ/ min. 30
Thermal Properties
Dimensional Stability in Heat, 0 min. 220
Melting Point, 0 255
Linear Expansion Coefficient, 1/ 2-3 10-n
Thermal Conductivity, W/m.K max. 0.23
Painting Temperature, max. 200, 15Min
Thermal Break To be conformed with makers


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